2023 Honda CR-V gets five-star ASEAN NCAP rating - Honda Damansara

The sixth-generation Honda CR-V has recently achieved a five-star safety rating from the New Car Assessment Program for Southeast Asian Countries (ASEAN NCAP). This marks the third time that the CR-V has undergone assessment, with the most recent model subjected to the more comprehensive 2021-2025 protocol.

The vehicle tested for this assessment was the EL 4WD variant from Thailand, and the results are applicable to all other CR-V variants sold in Thailand and Indonesia. It is anticipated that the safety rating will also apply to the Malaysian model when it is introduced later this year.

In terms of adult occupant protection, the CR-V scored an impressive 31.45 out of a possible 32 points. When it comes to child occupant protection, it received a commendable 45.81 out of 51 points. Furthermore, the SUV is equipped with autonomous emergency braking, auto high beam, and various driver assistance systems that are either widely available or offered as optional features across all variants. In the safety assist category, the CR-V earned a notable 19.50 out of 21 points. As for motorcyclist safety, it achieved a score of 9.05 out of 16 points.

Taking into account the appropriate weightings, the CR-V achieved an impressive overall score of 87.16 points, securing its well-deserved five-star rating. In an official statement from ASEAN NCAP, it was noted that they take pride in the consistent commitment of the CR-V to provide enhanced safety features to consumers. This commitment is further underscored by the availability of these safety features in all countries across the ASEAN region, either as standard or optional equipment.


09 Nov 2023