The all-new Honda CR-V pre-orders start now!⚡️

🌟 The all-new Honda CR-V is now open for exhilarating pre-orders! ⚡️ With the addition of the RS model, the 2.0L e:HEV hybrid engine, and the Bose sound system, it's set to ignite your passion for the road! 🔥

📍 The new CR-V offers two powerful engine options: the 2.0L e:HEV with a maximum of 184PS and 335Nm, and the existing 1.5L VTEC turbocharged engine with a maximum of 193PS and 243Nm.

🔎 The all-new CR-V by Honda will be showcased at dealerships nationwide from November 17th to December 10th, giving you the chance to experience it before the official release!

🙌 For those eager to reserve the 2023 Honda CR-V, open for ONLINE RESERVATIONS or visit Honda Damansara for in-person reservations!

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15 Nov 2023